Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DIY Overboard!

If you read my blog about our recent mold problem, you already know of my affinity for going overboard on household projects. This weekend was no exception.

The kids bathroom, which also serves as our guest bathroom, is actually one of the most popular rooms in the house. Between bath time, toothbrushing and potty training, a great deal of our time is spent there. It was a pretty average bathroom; long, skinny, builders grade cabinet, sink, tub, light fixture. Nice enough but it hadn't been upgraded since it was built in 1994. When you put 3 people in there (Keegan, Kendall and myself) it gets rather crowded. Add in Murphy and it is down right claustrophobic. I had to make a change.

We didn't need the storage of the overly large cabinet as we also have a linen closet right outside the room and the kids hooded towels hang on the wall. The counter top continually became cluttered with children's toys, drink cups and various asundery, wreaking havoc on my slight OCD. My original plan was to pull the old eyesore out and replace it with a pedestal sink, remove the large, plain mirror that ran the length of said cabinet and replace it with a smaller, framed version, replace the light fixture and paint the walls. Here we go...

At my request, my dad had drilled holes in the cabinet during the great mold cleaning of 2010 to ensure that there was tile under the cabinet and wall behind it. There was; GREAT! The whole thing came out rather easily too. The counter top was glued on but, after 16 years of use, the seal was not hard to break and the particle board cabinet unit was very light considering its size. The unfortunate part was that, in the process, some of the dry wall broke, not completely, but enough to need some plaster. We also had to take the door off of the bathroom in order to get the cabinet out. So far, not so bad. Unfortunately, once the cabinet came out, we were greeted by linoleum. I know what you are thinking; "You said you checked and there was tile." We did, at the front of the unit, not the back. Just shy of 1/2 way, they stopped tiling. Why in the world would you go that far and stop?? Dumbfounded? Me too. Lowe's trip #2.

Keegan, Murphy and I loaded up in the van and headed to Lowe's to match tile and buy adhesive and grout. Here's the thing, even though the previous homeowner's had been thoughtful enough to leave an extra tile, it was 16 years old; good luck finding 5 more just like it. The boys and I wandered up and down the tile isle, checking and rechecking, trying to find the closest match possible while a lady, who was probably my mom's age, looked around, I'm assuming, gathering ideas and prices. Keegan, lately, has been quoting movies, making up his own little lines and making himself giggle with "humor". Today was no exception as he sat in the basket of the cart, chattering to himself. I was asking Murphy his drooling opinion on a tile when I heard it... the first curse word to knowingly escape my oldest son's mouth. He was whispering, that childlike, loud whisper in which everyone around them can hear what they are saying when he said "da*#it". Now, I'm not going to kid myself in saying that he probably heard it on the radio or T.V.; I'm sure he heard it straight out of my mouth in the exact same whisper he was currently using. Guilty as charged. I couldn't help but giggle a little but then I froze in my tracks; had the lady heard him? Did she realize what he said? Was she thinking I was a horrible mother? I, very sternly, asked him what he had said. Of course he knew he wasn't suppose to say that word so he replied, with his most innocent "I've been caught" face and said, "I don't know, it wasn't a bad word." (You have love little kid ability to incriminate themselves) I, in the same loud whisper he had been using, trying to use my best motherly tone, explained that I couldn't be sure he had said what I thought he had but, "I better not hear that word come of out your mouth again, young man. Do you understand me?" Thank our Heavenly Father I didn't have to remind him to say "yes, ma'am", and I quickly checked to make sure the lady was gawking at us before I continue my tile hunt.

Back at home, construction continued. It only took 3 more trips to Lowe's a Hobby Lobby adventure to finish up the bathroom and I must say, it looks great. The large mirror was glued to the wall and as a DIYer, I was not going to be able to get it off, so, instead, it is now framed out. The walls are milk chocolate brown with white trim and ceiling and shiny silver accessories. The shower curtain has large navy, light blue and green dots. I painted a metal, three picture, frame with coat hooks to match as a towel rack. I still plan on getting a small silver and glass shelf to hang over the toilet and I need to decide on a rug but, otherwise, its done!

Of course, the story can't end there; I haven't gone overboard enough. While working on the kids bathroom makeover, I also wallpaper the largest wall in the dining area. With a 120 foot vault at the top of this wall, it was no easy task but, I must say, it looks FABULOUS! I also decided to renovate the master bathroom. I have plenty of the milk chocolate paint left and think I will use all black and white accessories. I have already started pulling down wall paper border. I'm debating with myself on pulling that cabinet out as well. I wouldn't put a pedestal sink in there but, maybe, a smaller cabinet unit. It is suppose to start raining this afternoon so I'm sure I will make leaps and bounds on that project. I'm thinking of adding some of the same wallpaper from the dining area to the kitchen but I'll finish the master bath first. Once the wall around the fireplace is fixed, it will be chocolate brown as well as an accent to the khaki walls surrounding it. I also took the mirror out of a very old, very heavy, full length, wall mirror. It is now white, has coat hooks and is hanging sideways in the front hall. Oh, and one more. When we next get to my parents house, I'm going to harvest some of dad's scrap wood and build a bunch of small birdhouses. I'm going to paint them all sorts of bright colors to hang on the fence behind the garden. I'm also going to get some of his wire to tie around mason jars, place sand and candles in them and hang them around the yard for lighting. SO EXCITED! Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, my projects will be done. Wish me luck!

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