Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids say....

Keegan: "Mom, a long time ago when I was 3 (he's 4) I had a bad dream about a monster that ate someone we did not know."

Kendall: after being put in time out "MOMMY, TIME OUT!"

Keegan: "Kendall, don't you want this knife; (plastic play kitchen knife that is EXACTLY like the one she has in her hand) let's trade." Kendall agrees, they swap. "Look mom, Kendall is sharing!(back to Kendall) You're such a good girl!"
Meanwhile, in the background: Joey: "Gee Wally, I didn't know sharing could be so much fun. Yep Beav, sharing always makes the world a better place. Isn't sharing so much better than fighting."
Maybe that one was so funny because I had only had a few sips of my coffee at that point...

Keegan: "Can we watch Erica's Funniest Videos?"
Me: "You mean America's Funniest Home Videos?"
Keegan: "No, it's Erica's Funniest Videos 'cause that's Erica" (pointing to Tom Burserand {sp?})
Joey: "His name is Tom, Keeg's and it's called America's Funniest Home Videos."
Keegan: "Nope dad, you're wrong"

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