Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teeth and Monsters

Once Murphy started sleeping through the night, I thought I was out of the constantly having to get up at night thing. I had completely blocked out teething! Poor little boy is getting 6 teeth all at once. The bottom two are in far enough that you see them all the time and they are usable. The top two "eye-teeth" (maybe its i-teeth, I really don't know) are little points that hurt like crazy when he bites you. The two top front teeth are there but only slightly visible and not really usable yet. Add that to the fact that he is growing like a weed and it makes for some wakeful nights lately.

So, the past couple weeks have been more wakeful nights then sleep-filled ones. Last night, Murphy could not get comfortable so Joey finally just brought him in bed with us. Fine with me, at least we were all sleeping. Then, at 4, Kendall woke up and thought it was time to get up for the day but didn't want to get out of bed because it was dark. So, she sat there and SCREAMED for me. Luckily, Keegan sleeps like a ROCK. After a few minutes, I knew I wasn't going to get her to go back to sleep easily so I laid down with her. I promptly fell asleep as well. At 5:30, I hear a blood curdling scream come out of my room. Joey didn't know that I had left and Murphy woke up and started going for our alarm clock, his very most favorite thing in our room. He fell off the bed and bonked his forehead. I flew out of Kendall's bed and out the door only to almost bust it the second my feet hit the hardwood floor of the hall. We finally got him back to sleep and in his own bed where he is currently still snoozing. Kendall slept a while longer and is now eating an apple next to me and my back is KILLING me from my slide through the door. What a way to start the day!! Thankfully, however, the sun is shining and it isn't suppose to be dreadfully hot today so we will be OUTSIDE. WOO-WHO!

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