Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Articulate Athletes

I was watching the news this morning and the reporter was interviewing a popular Razorback quarterback that I will not name ;) Listening to this particular athlete speak was reminiscent of fingernails scraping down a chalk board. No, really, it was THAT BAD! His amazingly poignant speech caused a light bulb to click on in my head. The Razorback quarterback is not the only athletic figure that I have poked fun at while listening to his interview before or after the "big game". As a majority, these guys SUCK. (ok, ok, I'm not always the most poignant of speakers either and don't always have the most proper use of words or grammar but I do believe that I am leaps and bounds ahead of these guys. I mean, after all, I did very well in all of my English classes over my many years of schooling)
Athletes are suppose to be roll-models... not just "suppose to be", they are role-models. Not just for our younger generations either, many adults admire these guys and, to be fair, girls. (In this rant, we will stick to children.) We expect our children to learn from, not only parents and teachers, but role models and yet they are listening to athletes whom cannot put together a proper sentence to save their careers. They often mumble and use "um" as if it were a requirement. *Yeah, um, weplayedhard, um, my guys gotout 'n hit'em, um, stayedon top-a da defense and uh, I thinkwe ex-a-cuted good*
Not exaggerating! No wonder our youth are struggling! Young people are listening to sports figures speak every day and this is what they are hearing. I understand that speaking on camera can be frightening but, come on. Athletes do it so often, it should be old hat... that's what she said! Ok, athletes speak in public so often that it should be old hat. I truly believe that the main faces of our athletic teams (team captains, quarterbacks, lead running backs, ect) should be required to take a class on public speaking. Its an epidemic. We can't expect our young people to do any better if we allow their role-models to speak as if they just emerged from a cave.
Who's with me? Lets send them to grammar school!! Or, at least, speech class.

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