Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching up

Wow! It's been a long time, huh? Did you miss me? I missed you but obviously not enough to pull the ole computer out and start typing. Man, that sounded harsh. I promise, I tried several times to put pen to paper... well, fingers to keys... but I guess I was just having a bad case of writers block. Or, maybe it was busy mom with a broken back syndrome? Not sure but, either way, we have been apart for a very long time and for that, I am sorry. Please forgive me!

Since last we talked, tons of things have happened. I'm not even sure what the last we talked about was. I could look back but no, that would just delay my typing now. I do know that it was in October so we'll go from there...

In October, my dear baby Murphy turned 1 year old. How dare he grow up so quickly and right before my very eyes. We had a simple party for him at home with family and few friends. He was one people, come on. He isn't going to remember. The first birthday is SO for the parents, not the kids. I know people that through extravagant parties for their child's 1st birthday. *here is the part where I step on some toes so go ahead and get mad but keep reading because everyone has a right to their opinion* COME ON- the kids probably has 5 to 10 words, most of which you are the ONLY ONE that can understand them. They don't remember what happened last week let alone have any concept of what a birthday is and why all of the people are singing to them and while mom puts this cake thing on their tray. (added pressure on the kid if he/she is the first because this is probably the first time mom has aloud anything remotely close to cake anywhere close to their poor child's lips.) This child has no idea what is going on and, even with thousands of pictures to jog his/her memory, is not going to remember it in three weeks let alone 30 years. Go ahead and make it memorable if want but admit that you are doing for yourself and not the child. Just so we understand, Keegan (our first) had the same small family party with homemade cake that Kendall and Murphy did. Well, actually Kendall shared her first birthday party with Keegan's 3rd so talk about something to tell your therapist. Murphy actually got bakery purchased cupcakes for his first birthday but I was having to deal with two other helpers and a broken back so I gave in and they were yummy.

Ok, so, after that, we had halloween. Keegan was prince and Kendall was princess but they will be quick to tell you that one had nothing to do with other. Murphy was a pumpkin at the halloween party and a mouse for trick-or-treat. They were super cute as always and had a blast.

Thanksgiving was fun and full of food. Kendall turned 3 with a party at home with, you guessed it, friends and family. She got a princess guitar which she plays and sings to daily. Christmas was a blast. Tons of family came in, including Joey's brother Mike and his family. Stephen made the daunting trek from Finland. It really shouldn't have been a daunting treck but massive snows created massive delays and lots re-routing. I think in the end, he traveled for three days get home. We stayed up late, drank a lot of wine, ate a massive amount of food and made a ton of memories. Keegan had his 5th birthday at Fast Lanes bowling. He LOVED it and afterward we went to David and Meagan's to have those same cupcakes we had for Murphy and Kendall's birthday. I love those cupcakes! My parents came up right after Christmas to celebrate and we had a wonderful time as well. Bo even joined in on the fun.

We rang in 2011 quietly and decided that we would have to suck it up, take the hit on the house if need be (but prayers be answered, we won't be at a loss) and move to something bigger. In the mean time, mother nature dropped an insane amount of snow on us. The kids got to sled for the time. Murphy loved it just as much as Keegan which is kind of funny considering that Keegan would have never been brave enough to do something like sled down the hills of Wilson Park when he was Murphy's age, let alone Kendall's but I was super proud of how much they both loved it. Kendall had a blast too.

We put the house sell on hold shortly for back surgery. Finally, my back is fixed! After years of back pain and close to a year of absolutely no relief, I had an anterior lumbar inter spinal fusion (ALIF) on February 16. I woke up after surgery and the first thing I noticed is that, for the first time in 8 months, I had warmth in my toes. WARMTH IN MY TOES PEOPLE! The road to recovery is slow but Joey is home with me, the kids are doing great and I have high hopes for the future. Thanks to my parents, Joey's parents and Joey's time "off" to be mommy (hehe, that sounds so funny, time off to be mommy) the house is on the market with a great realtor and several houses we are excited about looking into.

Ok, so you are caught up, mostly. We'll keep going from here.

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