Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

March madness takes on a couple of meanings in our house. To Joey this means basketball and brackets. Joey and his brothers put thought and research into thier picks, reading up on commentary, watching games and replays and looking into a teams history under pressure. They have kept up with most of the teams on and off throughout the season (sometimes for fun, sometimes for money) and should have a pretty good idea of whom to pick, right? This year, just as I did last year, I have watched maybe one half of one game. It was a Razorback game I'm sure and they aren't even close to the tournament. The guys send me an invite to join the bracket, Lord knows why, so why not? I filled it out based on the rankings given, whether or not I recognize the name of the school and the fact that I like underdogs. Last year, I won. We'll see how this year goes.

For the kids, March Madness is the frustration that one day will be beautiful and warm, perfect for outdoor play while the next day will be literally freezing with bitter winds or drizzling rain. We live in an area where March snow is not unheard-of after a week of 70 degree days. I mean REALLY!

For me, March Madness runs along the lines of spring cleaning frenzy, being super ready to move the exercising back outdoors and shoving the kids into the back yard. I'm ready to start planting a garden and cleaning up the flower beds but remember that I said we aren't out of the snow season yet. I have to fight some pretty rough allergies that, unfortunately, I have passed on the boys. This year, I have to compete with my recovery as well. I think I am handling recovery pretty well for my busy body-ness but it will get exponentially harder as the weather gets warmer. This March, we are also focusing on selling our house so I won't be planting our garden. We have talked about planting in Joey's dad's garden. He has offered space to us several times but trying to get out there to tend is a little out our way. The good thing this year is that he is now retired and willing to share the tending efforts. He will help us out with ours as long as we help out with his when are there. I believe I can handle that in order to have my fresh veggies.

Speaking of fresh veggies, Farmer's Market opens in April. Not really March Madness but coming soon. I love when farmers market finally opens. Walking around with a fresh cup of hot coffee, people watching and checking out all of the fresh produce. I love it!

This weekend we had to spring forward. I'm not a fan of springing forward. Why do we have to change times? I understand that it orginally started to help out the farmers giving them an "extra hour of sunlight" but all that is just relative anyway. Besides, we don't need the time change anymore and it just throws everyone off for a week or two.

Either way you look at it, spring is marching in. I'm ready for it to be here. HAPPY SPRING!

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