Monday, March 21, 2011

When was the last time you tried something new?

As a mom I watch my children accomplish "firsts" on a regular basis. In the case of Murphy, he experiences a first most every day. Keegan and Kendall aren't far behind. However, when I try to think of the last time I did anything for the first time, I struggle. I can vividly remember Keegan's first steps, Kendall's full night of sleep, Murphy's first laugh... Other than the first time having spinal surgery, my last first was probably tiling when we updated the kitchen last summer. My last first was almost a year ago and had to do with grout. Seriously?

As we grow, it is pretty easy to see opportunity and jump; the world is our oyster. Do you remember your first day of school? Your first best friend? First crush; date; kiss; love; heart-break? Firsts aren't always great either; falling out with your best friend; car wreck; hang over; funeral. Good or bad, firsts leave an imprint on our brains that will influence our future. I think it is pretty important to experience firsts on a regular basis; keep that brain bouncing. Unfortunately, as you read about 30 seconds ago, I haven't had one of those in while so let's see what I could do to accomplish some more "firsts"?

1. Finish this blog... I'm actually having some writers block tonight; being very distracted and as I have never written this particular blog post before, it would be a first to finish it.

2. Crochet a snail. No really, I have the first part of it done and it is looking super cuter. This fall I am joining with two other mommies in our first ever craft booth. I will be contributing in the firsts of others. WOO-WHO for me! As for the snail, the booth will have all sorts of knitted and crocheted toys, hats, wash clothes, etc. Corn bags, aprons, wooden cars, little girl jumpers... all sorts of super cute things.

3. I need something sooner... you know, other than finishing this blog. Oh, Oh, I know. I think we are making deep dish pizza tomorrow. Joey and I have searched around and come up with a recipe we think will work very well for true Chicago Style deep dish pizza. Whether tomorrow or Wednesday, it will be the first time that we have made it. I have yet to know if it will be a success but I might just get another blog out of it.

4. I want to take the kids to Disney World soon for a first of theirs but in the mean time, we could go, say, camping in Colorado (obviously when it warms up some). I've never been there and neither have they; a first for 4 of us.

I am being sadden by lack of firsts! It is now my goal to come up a true list of firsts I want to accomplish in the next year. In the mean time, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Has it been a while? What are you going to do about it?

BTW, I got the idea for this blog from my SocialMom's daily blogging prompt. If you're a mommy and you like to be social, check out SocialMom's and meet other moms just like you!

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