Saturday, May 28, 2011


This year, just as many other American families are doing, we are not going to be taking one long vacation but, rather, several little "stay-cations". You know what, I kind of like this idea. Don't get me wrong, taking week long trip to some great location is wonderful and I will miss it this year but come-on, when you take kids do you really get to relax? Have you ever packed 3 kids into a van with luggage and a cooler of snacks for an 18 hour drive half way across the US? A trip to the beach is no longer a towel, baby oil and a cooler of beer! It now involves a beach umbrella, a beach blanket, sand toys, lots of snacks and Gatorade, hats, wipes and forget the iPod of a good book because you will not be able to take your eyes off them for a second. I don't know about you but a 20 minute drive a "beach" on the lake or 1 1/2 hours to one in Branson sounds WAY better than 18 hours before and after this adventure. Especially considering that after only a few hours at least one of them will be whining to go home. Now don't get me wrong, we don't just drive the 18 hours for the beach. We have wonderful family out there that we only see about once a year and it IS worth the trip to hang with them but I'm scratching around for some silver linings here.

Luckily, we live a great area that is rather close to a wide variety of activities. We will be camping in several different locations this summer. We will be enjoying the aquatic center, concerts in the park, farmer's market, library, splash pads and river/lake. We'll go hang out with my parents (and leave the kids behind for a while). We have vacation Bible school to look forward to. All in all, I think we won't be lacking in summer activities to spite the lack of major vacation plans. I really am looking forward to this summer!

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