Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Flying Burrito Experiment

Last night, my loving husband actually asked me if I wanted Flying Burrito for supper. This is something he NEVER does so, of course, I said "yes"! Later, as we sat there enjoying our huge rice bowls and watching the cubs, I did get a few Paleo guilt flashes. Each time I would either take another tasty bit or looked over at my beautiful children scarfing their food (well, except Kendall who will soon be blown away by a Fayetteville breeze) and the feeling would pass. When it became apparent, however, that the Cubs... namely Wells whom needs to go back to the minors for a while... had blown it, my mind started to wander. Naturally, it wandered to food and my experiment was born!

Think about it. There are LARGE portions of Flying Burrito that easily fit within the Paleo life style. Let's go through my rice bowl from yesterday: Jalapeno tortilla, ground beef, rice, black beans, grilled onions and peppers, lettuce, tomato, pico, black olives, queso and guac... This is very similar to how I would also build a burrito or, Keegan's fav, nachos. Can you guess what I'm going to change with this experiment?

The rice bowl thing would be very delicish without the tortilla but what about rice? It's in the NAME! Surprisingly as it may seem, this is actually a fairly easy switch-a-roo. White rice on its own doesn't actually have much flavor. We mix it in to dishes, pour gravy over it or allow our Chinese food sauces to soak right in. Rice is more a mouth feel/texture thing. It fills in space and works well as a medium to get those yummy sauces and such to our belly's. Cauliflower "rice" fits this bill in the same way that it can disguise itself as mash potatoes without even a child noticing. Done and done.

Next, there is the tortilla or chips. I did some research and here is where more of the experiment part comes in. My kids LOVE quesadillas and nachos. Frankly, I LOVE to dip tortilla chips in guacamole and salsa. Granted, I could spoon guac straight without thinking but I could, also, totally skip the rest of the Mexican restaurant and JUST eat chips and dip. SO, I did my research and I have come up with a recipe to make Paleo tortillas and chips. I obviously have yet to try this recipe but I have a feeling I can sneak it past without notice. I'll let you know how it goes.

Cheese is not restricted by all Paleo's and is something that we do still eat. It has been limited in our household for the past 6 years anyway because of varying degrees of lactose intolerance so I don't count it in the guilt factor. The other issue is the black beans. As a former veg-head, black beans are super hard to give up. I do sort, soak and cook my own and, because I am no longer a vegetarian, don't eat them often so I really don't feel guilty about it.

There you have it.  Can I match that Flying Burrito experience? Who wants to come over and partake in my experiment? Come on Beth, you know you want some chips!!

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