Monday, April 16, 2012

Opera and Boogers

As a mom, I often find the wide variety of occurrences in my day comical. In the same 2 seconds, I can think "how in the world does a 6 year old have such stinky feet?" and "Coldplay should not be sung as opera masquerading as not opera." Really?

Well, the two thoughts came together rather naturally. First, I can still smell Keegan's feet burned into my nose. It can actually be difficult for me to sit close to him in the evening during reading time because the odor. Do they make odor eaters for shoes that small? While I was having that thought, one of the voice contestants came on. He has an amazing operatic voice. Don't get me wrong, the boy can sing. However, two performances in a row, he has attempted to do a pop-esq type song and cannot, I repeat, CAN NOT break away from the operatic sound. So just sing opera man. You are good at it.

So, ok, this was random and short but that was my thought for the day. Enjoy it!!

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