Friday, April 20, 2012

So I have made a recent discovery. I need a food processor!! There have been many times in my cooking/baking life that I have though "I need a food processor." However, I have always been able to make my way around the need. I can guarantee you that it has not always been easy but my tiny little food chopper, my set of wonderfully fantastic knifes, an immersion blender, a little ingenuity and lack of space to store such "luxuries" has allowed me to make it this far.

Why the sudden change of heart? What could possibly cause such a dramatic shift in my paradigm? 3 words... The Paleo Diet.

Anyone whom knows me, knows my desire to live the healthiest life possible all the while not forfeiting the flavor, texture and all around yumminess of food. You may also know that I have struggled with food and my screwy digestive system. I won't go into to many details... you are welcome! My children also suffer various degrees of screwy digestive systems and, especially the boys, have struggled with all kinds of allergic reactions. Lots of research and experimentation have led us to this point but that is not what this post is about. If you would like to know more about our choice there are a lot of great resources like http://

Back to the point. Today I decided to make my own almond flour. I even had the grand idea of making my own almond butter. In theory, this should have been a simple task that would also save us some money. Here's the thing, my tiny, little, pitiful, 9 year old food chopper is no match to almonds. The extremely loud experiment left me with something much closer to finely chopped almonds than even almond meal. Needless to say, I was no where close to almond flour, let alone almond butter. Sadden but not defeated, I used the almonds to make some extremely tasty chocolate chips cookies.

I would love to try to make some paleo graham crackers and various other paleo treats but many of them call for... wait for it... FOOD PROCESSORS! I'm done trying to live my culinary life without one. I'm biting the bullet. Now, the question is: WHICH ONE? There are so many choices that it becomes rather overwhelming.

I'll keep you updated on my search and, in the mean time, I'll keep buying my pre-packaged almond flour. Once I get one, who knows what fabulous things I'll come up with!?!?

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  1. When you've properly fashioned yourself with the new toy, I expect an invitation to sample the resulting goods.