Thursday, April 26, 2012

When Momma Can't Sleep

I know that any "stay-at-home" mom has contemplated, read about, argued over, stood up for and/or questioned her dicission to assume the poorly named title. There is a plethera of articles and jokes about us, support groups, play groups and message boards for us. Entire product lines and advertising ploys out the wazoo are set up for us. Still, I can't sleep so let's talk about it some more.

Over the years, mom has played many roles with varying degrees of involvement in the actual raising of the children. I am no looking to say who was/is the best or even put some sort of order to it all. We can all though, in my opinion, agree on a few things:
The role of defining whom mom is can be vary widely based on
  • Centery/ generation
  • Class (yes, I said it and you they are real)
  • Country of origin
  • Age at conception
  • Number of living children
Though our current generation has come a very long way and made phenomanal strides in reviving the importance and stature of mom and family, we still have a long way to go. As a group, we could stand to learn a few more things from our past. Oh and let's face it, there are some down-right wack-o ideas on parenting out there. (that is for another day when I feel like poking angry bears)

Recently, our family was in need of a new car. I dread this process. However, this time I got some interesting take away. Our salesman looked and spoke to me more than Joe! Ok, so, granted, I am a sight for sore eyes (especially with the pregnancy cleavage) but he was looking me in the eyes and using intellegent language. While this may have become much more of a norm than I realize, none the less I was impressed. After all, I would be the one using it 90% of the time. Doesn't it make sense to talk to me; sell me? Joey is just the oPSne paying for it anyway, right? (wink, wink)
When we got around to financing, another interesting tid-bit popped up. The government has given us, the "stay-at-home" mom, a TITLE! Now, this was information that I already knew but our time spent at that little table in the annoying back and forth on pricing gave it time to wobble around in my head. The government calls us "homemaker" and takes it into consideration for the "net-worth" of a family. Ok, so that is only on paper and the importance of "homemaker" is still widely and heatedly discussed but it is a step.

I, personally, prefer the title "domestic goddess. Guru could work too; domestic guru has a nice ring to it. At least, though, stay-at-home MOM has a fraction of the stigma that stay-at-home DAD! Most of these guys work just as hard at us girls! Isn't the point that you, be it mom or dad, are taking an active role in raising the family? Male or female, we are still responsible for rearing the happiest, healthiest, smartest, most well rounded generation possible. We feed, clean up after, play with, act as doctor, teacher, therapist and coach to them daily. We are often, also, responsible for maintaining the family budget, creating a comfortable home and making sure we are doing our part for the good of the community, school and environment. Don't forget maintaining our own health and well being all the while supporting our husband/wife in good times and in bad. Whew, it can get a bit overwhelming!

I do give tons of props to the working moms (and dads), single moms (and dads) and, yes, even to the working dad (or mom) whom "allows" for the "homemaker". Right now, though, I'm throwing my hands up in cheer for the MOMMIES! YOU ROCK!!!

BTW, in the end we purchased a Hondo Pilot from Gordon at Fayeteville Auto Park and I LOVE IT! I would recommend them to all!

PS My computer seems to be getting a little tired and so am I so when it refused to spell check this, I gave up and am publishing as is. Sorry!

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