Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gotta Brag...

The other night, Joey made some wonderfully tasty chicken strips for supper. He ran out of breading with two strips left so he saved them for me to use later. I came very close to suggesting them for our eggs this morning but I'm glad I didn't!

INSTEAD, I used them in my lunch. Here is how:

I marinated the chicken in spicy mustard while I chopped and sauteed red onion, mushrooms, spinach and cherry tomatoes. I sauteed the chicken and put it and the veggies on top mixed salad greens to which I had added a few chopped broccoli florets. I topped the whole thing with cracked black pepper, a little more spicy mustard and some raw red onion (I just the bite). VOLIA! 

Gotta say, I was either way more hungry than I had though or it was just that super delish because I SCARFED that salad. Totally deserves a repeat performance. Maybe next time I'll make a bigger version to serve for supper.

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