Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm writting a book!!

Not anything that will ever be published or anything but a book (of sorts) none the less.

Ok, so let me explain...
I can easily wax poetic about many topics and one of favorites is food and nutrition. When my most wonderful, best friend, Carrie, asked me for some ideas on changing her families eating habits, I pounced. "I can write you a book... no wait, I really can". 2 1/2 days later I had 10 pages of rambling, tips and recipes and was no where close to out of things to talk about. Another day and several pages later, it is in rough draft phrase; I'm still not of words. I will, also, be typing it up and spell checking, putting it in an order that makes more sense. It is totally a blast to work on though.

My biggest challenge is turning my "recipes" into something resembling an actual guide that someone else can follow. I rarely do anything the same way twice and usually just go off instinct, smell and taste. However, that doesn't translate well to paper. It's pretty funny, too, because I love to read cook books. Looking at the glossy pictures of prettied up food and reading how they went about doing it. I will often start out with a recipe from someone else but rarely actually follow it unless I'm baking which is far more of a science than an art so I'll let them waste ingredients making it turn out correctly. Joy of Cooking is a great resource and mine is well worn.

Anyway, that is currently what is taking up my brain cells. Maybe I'll type out some of what I have written in here so you can follow along as well. Oh, Oh, that is a good idea!! I'll post some of the pages on here and see what you think too. Knowledge is best spread to the masses, right? It's settled then. Tomorrow, you will start reading my "book" too.

As a complete side note, I tried some of that crackle nail polish. You know, its like a top coat that spreads out on its own to give a crackled effect revealing the color beneath... not really a fan. But, hey, if I never tried I would have never truly known.

Good night!

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