Monday, May 14, 2012

Wanna-Be Crafty Mom

Thanks to my beautiful mother, I have an optimistically artistic, crafty side. She is an amazing painter, sketch artist, doodler and even drafter. She can sew an entire wardrobe to exacting standards that not only fit the wearer perfectly but far outdo the finest shops around. In fact, she did just that for many years in order to stay home and raise my brother and I. She would have one of us in her lap while yelling at the other and talking on the phone; all the while sewing an intricate seam. AMAZING!

I got all of her ambition and only a quarter of her talent. My brother, on the other hand, has all the talent but only about a 30th of her ambition... but that is neither her nor there.

Fabulously grand ideas are rarely able to fulfill my exacting standards, budget and time limitations or desperate pleas from my children to help. Some issues are out of my hands. Take the walls in my children's rooms. Granted, I was trying to update both rooms at the same time but the wonderful wall art in both rooms will not be finished for quiet a while because of best rest.

Kendall's Dr. Suess quote is much closer to completion than Murphy's railroad crossing.

I also have this bad habit of seeing something in Hobby Lobby, at craft fairs and the like and thinking "I could SO make that!" Well, yes, most likely I could in fact make it but... is it going to look as good? (probably to any one's eyes other than my own) Am I really going to make it for less? Including the time required? Oh, and the kicker; am I actually going to find/make the time to see it through? Betsy, just buy the damn craft at the fair!

Have you ever suffered from crafter's block? It is a bit like writer's block only it leaves you with a closet full of half finished knit blankets, unpainted canvas, polyfill and scraps of material with no where to go. I am currently suffering for an idea to finish these crosses...

As you can see, Kendall and Keegan's are complete but Murphy's is still just green. I am at a complete loss as to what to do. In the mean time, however, I was able to make this art line for the kids in under an hour, including drying and hanging. It helped ease the blow...

Maybe someday I will give in and start buying from the fabulously skilled crafters whom deserve major props. Until then, however, rest assured that my home will be filled with incomplete treasures and you can always find a selection of yarn, ribbon and and what-nots to fit any project.

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