Friday, September 28, 2012


Bikers, bikers everywhere and not a one to ride! That's ok though, I'll survive. I think I am getting a bit cynical as the years pass. Don't get me wrong... it is WONDERFUL for Fayetteville and all of NWA that the rally has gotten so large. HOWEVER, for those of that live here, it reminds me greatly of the dreaded time of the college kids returning. Suddenly, our quiet little city is covered with people whom have no idea where they are going but are in a great big hurry to get there. OWE VAY! But, the huge pack of bikes that caused me to miss my exit on the way to take Ken to the doctor was not the highlight of my driving experience today. Oh, no, not even close! It was the lady driving down 412 putting on her make-up, merging onto the interstate and continuing to apply! I'm talking 70mph putting on mascara in the rear view mirror. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I guess at least she wasn't trying to talk on the phone or text at the same time.

On a completely different note, this mornings breakfast was FABU! Banana pancakes are so fast and easy.

3 rather ripe bananas
1 egg + 1 egg white

THAT'S IT! Well, coconut oil in the pan to cook them. Set your pan on the lower side of medium and let them cook slowly or they will burn before you can flip them. No syrup or needed however some almond butter or honey on top is an added treat.

Oh wait, lets change direction AGAIN! I am SO EXCITED for the season premier of Once Upon a Time. I have laughed SO hard at Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. The only other prime time thing we really ever catch is OUT. Kendall and I have been re-watching season 1 on netflix to prepare. Unfortunately, I forgot about the ugly troll episode and Kendall slept on a palate on our floor that night. My bad...

Ok, I think that is all the randomness that I have for the day. Hope yours is GREAT!

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