Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Laundry Runeth Over

School has started back and we have slowly settled into a rhythm. The beat fluctuates but the basic 3/4 time still holds strong. Keegan is playing soccer and still struggling with allergy induced asthma. Kendall is going to pre-school two days a week. Mimi Blackwood and Meagan Sturegon are the most amazing women I know as they have gotten my little girl to actually care about learning!! Murphy is still perfectly Murphy has fallen into the roll of big brother to his "Baby Biolet". Then, there is Violet the 3 1/2 month old that is TEETHING! No, it is not my imagination either. There are 2 little white bumps on her bottom gums. The child has been in a hurry for everything!

Yesterday, I started thinking about OCD. I believe everyone, to a point, has some OCD hiding in them somewhere. I think motherhood brings out some interesting OCD in the best of us. Yesterday, I was exercising and, while doing bow to boat on the floor, had a clear view under the sofa. I literally stopped what I was doing to move the sofa and sweep the floor...which led me to re-sweep the whole living room. The only thing under the sofa was a Finn McMissle. However, most of my OCD issues lay far from cleaning and much, MUCH closer to child care. You know the feeling, "nobody else can do this nearly as well as I can." If you want to step on a mom's toes, mess with her routine. Joey recently went out of the country to visit his brother for a while. My dad came to hang with the kids and I  while Joey was gone. As he is retired, he has come many times over the years lend a hand. Every time he does this, my mom will call several times just to make sure he isn't in the way. What she doesn't ever seem to realize is that Dad falls easily into our routine. He just kind of fades into the background and goes with the flow. This is fantastic because my kids hone in on an variation to said routine and will bring it up regularly. Kendall's current favorite is "Moooooommmmm, we NNEEVVEERR get to watch a movie for quiet time anyyyyymmooorrreeee!!!!" Really kid? So maybe the routine is my OCD.

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