Thursday, April 10, 2014

I needed something so I made it.

I realized this morning that I didn't have a lightweight, short sleeved cardigan. I had a cute sweater that was short sleeved but heavy... meant for wearing in the winter over long sleeves. I had a light weight cardigan, but it was long sleeved. I wanted a short sleeved one. LIGHT BULB! I had this cute top in my closet that I love but it was just big enough that it didn't fit all that well.

I was struggling with purging it from closet so.... I changed it! I simply cut it down the middle!

When someone gets home that can reach my sewing machine down (Joe), I will finish off the edges. This is not a necessary part of the process but I'm a nerd like that. In the mean time, this mama got herself a new, trendy, short-sleeved cardigan!!

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