Friday, April 4, 2014

Those who can't nest, CRAFT!

Nesting: adjective 1.referring to an instinct (urge) in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborns. 2. The distinctive urge to exterminate dust bunnies, reorganize closets, disinfect everything in sight and alphabetize the spice rack.

If you have ever had a child, you understand that nesting is major player in the need to control a situation in which you have little actual control. By cleaning, organizing, tidying, we can help to ensure the survival of tiny, helpless creator causing the vast expansion of your midsection. The urge does not wane with the number of pregnancies either. In fact, at least in my case, it grows ever stronger. Blame it on the attempt to fit yet another human (and all that the tiny one needs) into a house that has yet to spontaneously expand in accordance to its growing number of inhabitants. Blame it on nature. Whatever you want to curse at for the evil nesting instinct, bed rest causes that urge to multiple exponentially.

I have had to rely on others (namely my husband) to follow my direction in doing things like: moving furniture; vacuuming daily; redecorating kids rooms; creating new spaces; organizing toys; swapping clothes from winter to spring...etc, etc, etc. Shesh, it would be easier to train the dog! If it doesn't involve heavy lifting (more than a gallon of milk or, say, Violet), over-head lifting, tugging, pushing, or standing for a long period of time, making laps back and forth from bedroom to bedroom, climbing ladders or basically anything I can't do while sitting (other than to make lunch, swap a load of laundry or fill a sippy cup) it is off limits. For a person such as myself, this is akin to a sentence of torture.

Today, I discovered an answer! I have yet to be forced into prone bed-rest (PLEASE GOD DO NOT LET THAT DAY COME) SO... Today I started crafting!! I looked around the house at things I had, took a seat and created. Today, I made a cute picture board for our oldest daughter to hang her prized artistic works on.

I also, finally, painted the E.A.T. letters I purchased to lead into the kitchen AND I actually put the finishing touches on our (current) youngest son's cross so that can join the rest of the collection.

Now if I could just figure out how to sneak to Hobby Lobby for a cross for Violet, more foam peg board and material to make boards for the other 3 plus other items to keep me going for more than 1 more day. I guess I'll get pintrest (believe it or not, I have never used it before) to get some idea and make a very detailed list for Joe. Today, I was able to reduce, reuse, recycle but I only have so many crafty things at hand. This could get interesting. I'll keep you in the loop!

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  1. Oh gosh! You are rearranging furniture like crazy when you aren't pregnant! I can only imagine how often it's taking place now! ha!

    That's a really cute board!! And I have always wanted to get EAT in the kitchen.... hasn't happened yet. Maybe you need to come here?