Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's in the works!

Here is what I am thinking... this is still a bit scattered but you'll get the idea.

Workouts will be targeted to moms (though tough enough for dads). I want to do workouts where mommy doesn't have to worry about kids. I am working out whether that means you'll have to find your own childcare or if I can figure out a way to offer childcare. I also want to offer classes in which mom's can bring kids... the workouts will be shorter and cheaper to allow for the unpredictable nature of children but still allow for maximum effectiveness. These will probably be geared toward kids in strollers OR kids being worn... I haven't been able to work through logistics of fitting both in the same workout while still being able to keep the tempo up. I am, also, contemplating have 1 workout a week being a free... as in no cost... this workout will rely heavily on cooperation in helping to watch each other children. Whatcha' think?