Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 5th Postpartum Journey

The time has almost come. 10 more days and I will be off of bed rest and ready to run a marathon until this tiny little body exits mine. I have to admit, I am caught between desperately wanting to go running right now (I am so tired) and thinking "Seriously, 10 days, I got this!".
I am totally jumping the gun as far as all the fabulous things I will be doing once I am no longer pregnant. Even knowing the long road to recovery (which is not nearly as long with each additional child... trust me... and it has little to do with actually recovering faster and much more to do with the lack of time to sit still) along with the pure exhaustion from caring for an infant. I'm ready. Let's do this!
So I will chronicle the adventure both to keep myself on track and to share that if I can do it, you can too. Though my size doesn't seem to show it, I have gained far more weight with this pregnancy than with any of the others. I am rather confused by this. I have lost a bunch of muscle mass (tears) because of the whole bed rest thing. I know a lot of it is fluid, I drink gallons a day and pee constantly. I can see some of the weight simply because I know my body far better than anyone else. My boobs have gotten full and perky again even before milk so I know some of it is there (and yes, I am excited about that and secretly praying that they stay even after I wean the little man). A good bit is hiding in my rear and thighs. Anyway, it is pointless to worry to much about exacts right now because I am still pregnant but being a personal trainer, I have already come up with my game plan. Honestly, I am most excited to get back to being able to cook and grocery shop again.
I have discovered the incredible power of Fucoidan (brown seaweed) and the benefits of Limu. I have already set up my workout program which includes (of course) kettle bells and a slow moving couch to 10K with the newest babe in the jogger stroller. I want to get Joey and I both FitBits. These might have to wait a while and I really think I am more amped to get Joey one first. Motivation that isn't me (yes I am a trainer but, as his wife, I am just a nag not a help). I will also be offering a free group work out once a week in which you will be free to bring you kids. I am also trying to figure a child care option for weekly group work out sessions.
Anyway, I am jumping the gun, I know but I had to tell someone!

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